All in one dive light + rattle

moray scuba diving light assembly2
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All in one dive light + rattle – Two lifesaving devices combined into one simple easy to carry and effective device. Unlike other safety devices, it’s not reliant on your air supply. Great for instructors, dive masters and guides.
Highest rated safety – Scuba diving magazine calls it “one of 26 safety devices every diver should own”. It’s designed to save your life when you need it most. It’s literally 2 in 1 life saving devices and it doesn’t rattle until you shake it.
Bright – The 3 Volt Cree XRE- LED paired with state of the art optics produces an ultra bright and tight 6-degree beam.
Made in USA – Quality and service you can depend on. In fact, our DCT pro model is so durable that it has been run over with a tank and still works.

Lifetime warranty – If for any reason your gear is defective, we’ll repair or replace it for as long as you own the product.


Lasts a long time – Running on only 2 C cells has an amazing 20+ hours of burn time. Smart, simple, and most importantly, SAFE!!!

Watch and listen to it in action:

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Here’s where most people use our dive lights

  • You’re underwater and suddenly realize “where’d my dive buddy go”?
  • You just need to get attention to say, “Hey look at this fish!”
  • You’re in an emergency and you need help.
  • Instructor and diver masters need to get student’s attention.
  • Marking dive lines (strobe lights).
  • Diving low visibility ship wrecks.

Where will you be underwater when you need to get attention?

See what others are saying:

This is a tool every diver should have
  • I finally got a chance to put my DCT to a test in Sarasota, Florida last week. It is the perfect companion for any dive. The DCT fit easily in my BC pocket, provided a great amount of light to see in cracks, crevices & holes in the reef and the noisemaker was

– Dave

This is something every scuba diver needs


  • What a great idea. A light source that’s also a signaling device? In today’s market, having streamlined tools like this is something every scuba diver needs and demands. I found the product to be very useful and convenient when I needed to get my buddy’s attention. I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of these in the future.- Scott D. Jones
    Dive Newswire Networks


Outperformed the Princeton Tec 95 lumen – with a brighter, more focused beam


  • I was able to make my first local dive of the year today with a few buddies…we braved the cold, dark quarry for a Sunday afternoon adventure. We each took a Moray Dive Light and tested the features, finding the performance to be exceptional! The beam outperformed the Princeton Tec 95 lumen – with a brighter, more focused beam. In low visual conditions (8-10 feet) it was easy to get separated – seeing only shadows of buddies. A quick shine of the Morays kept us all together – and we used the noisemaker several times to get attention. Overall, the guys really liked the features of the light and found the noisemaker to be a cool bonus. Each of them said it’s definitely something they would purchase. I wanted to pass along the un-biased opinions of the group because I found them to be very positive.We are diving Tuesday night again and plan to keep checking the lights in different conditions – night dives for sure, wreck dives soon, etc. I suspect they’ll come in very handy!Take Care!- Brent


Find out more about Moray Dive Lights, The all in one rattle + dive light series

“One in 26 safety devices every diver must own.”
-Scuba Diving Magazine
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